Yaesu Fusion Repeater on D-STAR

Yaesu Fusion Repeater on D-STAR

Important: Use only Compass Linux images and dstarrepeater packages. They contain support specific to the UDRC™. Source is available for review on GitHub.

During initial startup do not modify the basic Raspberry Pi setup. For example, do not overclock the Raspberry Pi, it is not needed as performance is more than adequate, and doing so can change clocking values on busses used by the UDRC™ causing it to either not function or be unstable. If you make any changes not listed in these instructions, and your UDRC™ does not function, return to the original settings.
Please verify your DR-1X has recent firmware installed. For analog and D-STAR with no Fusion Digital, the UDRC™ has been tested against versions 1.00m and 1.00t (no further testing will be performed on the 1.00 series firmware). For D-STAR, Fusion Digital, and analog, the UDRC™ has been tested on 1.10D, 1.10J and 1.10Q. We recommend that you upgrade to 1.10 series firmware.



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